Project 2, Recruitment

Project description: This project assesses the axial magnetic field of CMEs for forecasting purposes by gathering available osbervational modeled quantities of source active regions at the Sun. The overarching principle for this assesment is the conservation of magnetic helicity accumulated in active regions and transferred CMEs upon launch.
More information of the project: Dr. Manolis Georgoulis (manolis.georgoulis (a) with with cc to Profs Spiros Patsourakos (spatsour (a) and Alexander Nindos (anindos (a)

Host: University of Ioannina/Academy of Athens, Greece. 
Secondment Host: Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Poland. 
Industrial Training: Hungarian Solar Physics Foundation, Gyula Bay Zoltán Solar Observatory, Gyula, Hungary (solar observations, 1 month), Present Technologies (3 months; industrial numerical methods).

Project specific requirements

Mobility rule: The applicant must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in Greece for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately before the call deadline (see details for the MSCA mobility rule here). 

Required skills: Background in advanced programming skills (IDL, Python, C++, or similar).
Desired skills: Background in solar and/or space physics. Experience in the analysis of large datasets.

Host degree requirements: M.Sc. degree in physics or astrophysics, or mathematics. The successful candidate will have to be officially admitted to the University of Ioannina Doctoral Program.
Secondment host degree requirements: M.Sc. degree in physics, astrophysics, or mathematics with at least cum laude (or another distinction, e.g. scientific publication). A student has to be officially accepted to the UMCS Doctoral School.

Host language requirement: Certificate of adequate knowledge of at least one official language of the European Union (preferably English).
Secondment host language requirements: Proficiency in English is required (IELTS minimal general score 7 and no subscores below 6.5; TOEFL minimal general score 94 and no subscores below 22); If there is no official language test, the supervisor can confirm the English language proficiency, but the candidate may be required to follow an English language course during the first year of the PhD.

Send your application: Send your application: Manolis Georgoulis (manolis.georgoulis (a), Spiros Patsourakos (spatsour (a) and Alexander Nindos (anindos (a)