Workshop 3: Solar Activity and Space Weather: Physics Behind the Process

September 29 – 30, 2022

This workshop focuses on those physical aspects and physics-/AI-based tools of space plasma physics that are most relevant for the initiation of space weather manifestations. In terms of solar processes, magnetic flux ropes, eruption initiation and plasma /magnetic instabilities, modeling approaches in different domains will be addressed. HSPF will contribute by sharing their expertise with computational physics and Uol by sharing their expertise with coronal physics. Industrial perspective on the topic will be given by SPARC – one of the local companies specialised in the field.

Theme: relate to the SWATNet’s main topics, namely Sun (S), Heliosphere (H) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as Industrial Contribution (IC) and Specific Interest (SI) topics

Format: will be primarily in-person, with capability of virtual participation for studenst and lectures

Where: Hotel Amalia Athens (, near Syntagma metro station

Participants: SWATNet students

Schedule: the workshop will take place 29 – 30 September, 2022, (Thursday to Friday), local time (Greece)



Abstract book: