Shifana Koya: “Bridging Academia and Industry: Lessons from IPN’s Industrial Training”

ESA Space Solutions

22 April 2024


My time at IPN (Instituto Pedro Nunes) for industrial training was a transformative journey filled with diverse projects and collaborative endeavors that left me with a profound sense of accomplishment. As a SWATNet MSCA ITN Ph.D. fellow under the guidance of the IPN innovation project management team, I, along with my colleague Slava Bourgeois, delved into a realm of innovation and insight through various activities during our two months of training.

Hosting a space webinar titled “Investigation of Earth’s Magnetic Field-directed Coronal Mass Ejection” allowed me to share my latest research results and knowledge with a wider audience, contributing to the dissemination of scientific understanding. Crafting a mock proposal for Spark4business and nurturing entrepreneurship ideas were pivotal moments during my time at IPN. Additionally, assisting the ESA Space Solutions team in conducting a space weather-themed workshop at the University of Coimbra (UC) was a unique experience. Alongside this, compiling a comprehensive portfolio of companies in the space and space weather industry across Portugal, the EU, and the USA broadened our market insights and foresight. Participating in an IT job fair at UC and engaging with Pollux, Coimbra’s junior space initiative, provided fertile ground for networking and collaboration—moreover, the opportunity to visit startups incubating at IPN, such as Spotlite. Engaging with them gave us insights into entrepreneurship and offered a unique perspective on the symbiotic relationship between academia and industry.

The collaborative ethos and supportive ecosystem at IPN have left an indelible mark on my academic and professional journey. Grateful for this enriching experience, we are eager to leverage the insights gained to make meaningful contributions to the ever-evolving landscape of science and technology.

Shifana and Slava (SWATNet PhD students) and Joana Mingacho (responsible for the industrial training at IPN)

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