School 2: Sun-Earth interactions

September 26-28, 2022

This School focuses on how space weather affects Earth, the solar activity leading to this interaction, the solar wind – magnetosphere coupling, radiation storms and substorms. The focus is on different time-scales and coupling of different domains, as well as the challenges this introduces to both modelling and forecasting. From our Partners e.g., HSPF and UoI will contribute by sharing their expertise on solar observations, and SAS by providing insight on modelling / forecasting challenges. Themes of the School relate to the SWATNet’s main topics, namely Sun (S), Heliosphere (H), and Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as Industrial Contribution (IC) and Specific Interest (SI) topics.

Format: the school will be primarily in-person, with a capability of virtual participation for students and lecturers

Where: Hotel Amalia Athens (, steps from the Syntagna metro station. In the hotel, look for PAEONIA room in the Mezzanine

Participants: SWATNet students, plus a few local students

Schedule: will take place 26-28 September (Monday morning to Wednesday noon), local time (Greece)


Abstract book: