June 12-14, 2023

This Summer School will focus on effects of space weather to technology, identification of risks, how to mitigate them and end-user’s perspective and requirements in more detail. The speakers will contribute their expertise on end-user’s impacts and applications as well as global threats and influences on technology and economy that may be caused by space weather phenomena. The talks are ideally expected to be graduate-level introductions to and overviews of different aspects of the subject.
Students’ participation will involve working out problems or digesting some topics in groups and presenting their findings at the end of the school.

Theme: Technological, societal, biological and climate effects of space weather and space climate

Format: the school will be primarily in-person, with a capability of virtual participation for students and lecturers

Where: ELTE Lágymányos campus, Northern Block, Lecture room 1.71

Participants: hybrid, with ESRs and majority of the trainers participating face to face, additionally local students and researchers will be invited to participate in the training

Schedule: will take place 12 -14 June (Monday afternoon to Wednesday noon), local time (Hungary)