Project 1

Project description: This project advances the understanding of pre-eruptive configuration of flares and CMEs and uses newly acquired insight for prediction purposes. The key objectives are to 1) showcase physics central to eruption triggering, based on the physics of the predictor values and success in forecasting solar eruptions, 2) provide fully validated eruption forecasting methods based on these predictors and generic machine-learning prediction methods, 3) critically assess new developments to indicate the next level of solar-eruption-induced space weather forecasting.
More information of the project: Dr. Manolis Georgoulis (manolis.georgoulis (a) with with cc to Profs Spiros Patsourakos (spatsour (a) and Alexander Nindos (anindos (a)

Host: University of Ioannina/Academy of Athens, Greece. 
Secondment Host: University of Sheffield, UK.
Industrial Training: Hungarian Solar Physics Foundation, Gyula Bay Zoltán Solar Observatory, Gyula, Hungary (solar observations, 1 month); Fluid Gravity Engineering, UK (3 months; numerical simulation).