Project 10

Project description: The project aims at forecasting Solar Activity in the next 24/48 hours real-time solar images and data. Present lack of physical understanding of some key processes and some key observations limit our capability to provide accurate long-lead-time forecasting. The assumption of this project comes from the availability of large amount of data allowing to train an appropriate Artificial Neural Network (ANN) to classify the solar configurations that are most prone to release flares, CME or fast solar winds. 
More information of the project: Dr. Dario Del Moro (dario.delmoro (a)

Host: Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata, Italy. 
Secondment Host: University of Coimbra, Portugal. 
Industrial Training: Hungarian Solar Physics Foundation, Gyula Bay Zoltán Solar Observatory, Gyula, Hungary (solar observations, 1 month), NEXT (3 months; industrial training).