Project 7

Project description: Solar energetic particle (SEP) events are large outbursts of high-energy ions and electrons associated with solar eruptions, such as flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs). Particles in the largest SEP events are accelerated in CME-driven coronal shock waves. The objective of SWATNet project 7 is to make crucial steps towards accurate forecasting of SEP emission from CME-driven shock waves utilising state-of-the art numerical modelling. The project  exploits and further develops two SEP acceleration codes of the University of Turku: The SOLPACS code traces the coupled evolution of energetic ion distribution and intensity of unstable plasma waves upstream of the CME-driven shock self-consistently, and the DSP code traces charged particles in the turbulent plasma downstream of the shock. The codes will be merged into a single numerical simulation model that can self-consistently trace ions gaining energy in the CME-affected coronal and interplanetary plasma environment. 
More information of the project: Prof. Rami Vainio (rami.vainio (a)

Host: University of Turku, Finland. 
Secondment HostKU Leuven, Belgium (9 months). 
Industrial Training: Hungarian Solar Physics Foundation, Gyula Bay Zoltán Solar Observatory, Gyula, Hungary (solar observations, 1 month), Aboa Space Research Oy, Turku, Finland (3 months; energetic particle instrumentation).